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 Snow Day Discussion 2/17 6th Period

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PostSubject: Re: Snow Day Discussion 2/17 6th Period   Thu Feb 19, 2015 1:43 am

“How did the social structure in Latin America politically impact the New World, and how did it contribute to the revolutions that took place?”

The social structure in Latin America created  many political issues that contributed to Revolutions in Latin America. First off we have to understand that the social structure in Latin America is based off of how much European blood a person has in them, thus creating political chaos in Latin America. The majority of the population in Latin America consisted of the Mestizos and the Mulattos. The people who have governmental authority consist of the penninsulares, who there are fewest of in the New World. This motivates these lower and middle classes to rise up against the Europeans.

“How did the Enlightenment and other revolutions influence Latin American revolutions?”

The American and French Revolutions fueled much of the motivation for revolution in Latin America. This is possible because the countries who had previous revolutions are those that are colonizing in Latin America and are being driven out. In all of these revolutions change is sparked by the Enlightenment of political and social reformation, thus leading to the rise of the middle class. This middle class to rise to power is motivated by the possibility to gain sovereignty from the european nations controlling them, thus allowing them to live under the more just political and social standards they desire. All of the Revolutions were fueled by another starting with the French being Motivated by the American Revolution, and now resulting in the Latin American Revolutions being fueled by the French and American Revolutions.

Question:How did the Latin American revolutions affect the power of the “Old World” countries?
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PostSubject: Re: Snow Day Discussion 2/17 6th Period   Thu Feb 19, 2015 1:58 am

Question 1
"How did the Latin American revolutions affect the power of the “Old World” countries?"

The Latin American revolutions affected the power in the "Old World" by cuting out the European colonizations and also how that the colonization was the tale over of the lands and resources which benefited the "Old World" Countries also how that there was no religious missions that needed to go to the new world and convert natives to their type of religion also the "Old World" is becoming weaker after the age of exploration due to the reason of the inflation of the resources from the "New World" and how the "Old World" has become independent on the resources from the "New World" and with the revolutions the "Old World" is losing the resources that is needed and becomes weaker and unstable due to it also how that the revolutions spark new ideas of revelotiion in the "Old World" such as the French Revelotion in Frence.

Question 2
"How can the Communist Manifesto be related to the Latin American revolutions and revolt?"

The Communist Manifesto and the Latin American Revolutions are similar due to the reason that the Communist Manifesto talks about the Social Class between the Bourgeoisie and the Proletariat that the Bourgeoisie are the higher power such as the Espanoles in the Latin American Social system and the Proletariat are the lower power that does the labor that the higher social class wont due just like the Indios in the Latin American socail system and also how that the Manifesto talks about how the power between the social classes should be equal and that the labor should be equal given out and also that the Revolutions that the Manifesto talks about Fuels the need for the Reveloutions to happen in the Latin Americas such as the French Revolution.

My Question

What was the social class system in Latin America what did it lead to what did it have in tell for the people who were involved in the social class how many combintions of the classes were there did the social classes succeed how long did it last and why was it put in place in the first place?

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PostSubject: Re: Snow Day Discussion 2/17 6th Period   Thu Feb 19, 2015 2:28 am

Question- How does the revolutions in Latin America affect the old and new world?
The power from the old was shifted to the New World. Political power would change in the new world to self governments. Also revolutions would begin because the middle class began to rise and have more power,
Question- Describe the social structure in the new world and explain why it was a cause for rebellion.
There were around 100 different races in latin america. I believe with so many different races that people were confused with their roles in society, this is what caused rebellion.Also people wanted to know their place in society so rebellions would occur due to this.
My question- What caused socail distress in latin america social classes?
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PostSubject: Re: Snow Day Discussion 2/17 6th Period   Thu Feb 19, 2015 3:16 am

QUESTION: What were the three big ideas of Latin America and how did they effect society?
ANSWER: The three big ideas of society are social structure,change/power shift and revolutions. Social problems effected society by associating certain classes with governmental positions and that creating riots between classes. Change and power shift effected society by creating communication between the old and the new world and advancing trade as well as losing lands.. Lastly, revolutions effected society by The French Revolution and The American Revolution motivating people for change helped people question change in the process.
QUESTION: Who were the four people of The Latin American Revolution that shaped Latin American society and how did they do that?
ANSWER: The four people were Toussaint Louverture, Father Miguel Hidalgo, Jose De San Martin and Simon Bolivar. They shaped Latin American society by leading successful revolts like Louverture which led to liberating slaves. Also, leading movements that led to gaining independence and big changes in society. Lastly giant revolts were held which created great riots and lessens the government overall.
QUESTION: How did the geography of Latin America impact the revolutions overall?
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PostSubject: Re: Snow Day Discussion 2/17 6th Period   Thu Feb 19, 2015 6:46 am

My Question- What is important about Toussaint Louverture? Why was he not able to see Hati liberated?

Question 1-  Describe some factors of motivation for the Latin american revolutions?
Both the American and the French revolutions motivated Latin America also the enlightenment allowed people to think more and question there role in society and what they want in society.

Question 2- How did the Latin American revolutions affect the power of the "Old World" countries ?
Similar to other power house countries like France and Britain, the Spanish lost wealth and power during the Latin American revolutions when they lost there land in the new world through revolution. This land provided a lot of wealth to Spain in the Old World. Through revolution Spain large a large part of there empire.
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PostSubject: Re: Snow Day Discussion 2/17 6th Period   Thu Feb 19, 2015 7:00 am

Question: What was the Gran Columbia and why does it not exist today?
Answer: Gran Columbia was a "super-country"; this republic was made up of present-day Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Panama, northern Peru, western Guyana and northwest Brazil, so basically most of Northern South America. It was governed by Simon Boliviar, who helped them gain their independence from Spain. It was also very short-lived. Gran Columbia does not exist today because as the war against Spain came to an end in the mid-1820s, federalist and regionalist sentiments that had been suppressed for the sake of the war rose once again. There were calls for a modification of the political division, and related economic and commercial disputes between regions reappeared. This all led to the splitting up into seperate countries .

Question: Describe the social structure in the new world and explain why it was a cause for rebellion.
Answer: At the top were the Peninsulares, which were people who were born in Spain; they were typically given high government positions, and people born in Latin America were excluded from these jobs. Below the Peninsulares was the Creoles, which were people of European descent born in the colonies; in other words, they had a lot of European blood. Below them were the Mestizos, which were people of mixed Native American and European descent; and Mulattoes, which were people of mixed African and European descent. Below them were the enslaved Africans and Native Americans, which provided no real economic value to society. The social structure may have been a cause for rebellion because it was based on where you were born into, this basically told you what role you played in society. There were many limitations based on which group you were born into. You couldn't change what social group you were in, it was your race.

My Question: Who were Jose de San Martin and Simon Bolivar, and what impact did they have on Latin America?
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PostSubject: Re: Snow Day Discussion 2/17 6th Period   Mon Feb 23, 2015 1:30 am

Jose de San Martin was a Argentine statesman and soldier. Simon Bolivar was a Venezuelan military leader. The impacted Latin America because they were both instrumental in the revolting against spanish rule/empire.

What were 2 struggles of the spanish people to get indepence?
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PostSubject: Re: Snow Day Discussion 2/17 6th Period   

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Snow Day Discussion 2/17 6th Period
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