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 Chapter 11 Vocabulary

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PostSubject: Chapter 11 Vocabulary   Tue Oct 18, 2011 8:32 pm

Blue: Political Change
Red: Interaction Among Societies
Pink: Social and Gender (Pink: Social and Gender)
Green: Technology and Economics
Yellow: Culture and Religion

1.     Indian
2.     Toltecs
3.     Aztecs
4.     Tenochtitlan
5.     Huitzilopoctli
6.     Calpulli
7.     Chinampas
8.     Inca Socialism
9.     Pachacuti
10.  Split Inheritance
11.  Temple of the Sun
12.  Curacas
13.  Tambos
14.  Mita
15.  Quipu
16.  Hernan Cortes
17.  Anasazi
18.  Hopewell
19.  Pochteca
20.  Flowery Death
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Chapter 11 Vocabulary
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